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About Runners Paradise

A Paradise For Runners

Runners Paradise is a family owned running specialty store less than 1km from the gravel trails surrounding the picturesque Blackburn Lake Sanctuary.

The idea was to create a store that runners would love, a paradise for people who run, and appreciate a broad range of footwear, apparel, accessories, nutrition, headlamps, watches, phone belts, glasses and more …. with service from staff who love running as much as they do ... you get it?

In addition to awesome products from the world’s best brands, Runners Paradise is a community hub for runners to connect and support each other, push each other through weekly run clubs and events and share their running journey. 

Founded by Daniel & Natasha Hopkins, both share a love of running, but have different approaches and motivations. Daniel is self confessed obsessive runner, trying to stay competitive in Masters (50+) races on the track, road and cross country. Tash takes a more wholistic approach combining running, walking and gym, jumping in the odd fun run, and organising the family fundraising for Run for the Kids each year.


Daniel Hopkins

Masters age group runner (50+) competing over distances from 1500m to Marathon. Running has always been the most convenient form of health & fitness, but the intensity and focus has varied over the decades from serious track athlete to casual fun runner, back to competitive runner.

  • Favourite thing about running:
  • catching up with mates on morning runs in the dark of winter when you need the motivation to meet others to brave the cold and wet.
  • Favourite session:
  • Long run with a fast finish ("fast" relative to my slow long run pace)

Tash Hopkins

Runs to give life a bit of balance. Running for general fitness, with enough of a base to jump into the occasional fun run. Running fits into the overall routine - walking, gym, kids, friends, work.

  • Favourite thing about running: exploring new off road tracks and trails.
  • Favourite session: accidental long run, when you feel good and just keep going!!


Our Team is growing! More Runners Welcome 

Love running? Love running shoes? Love new products? Love tech running products? Love to talk to runners about running ... and get paid for it?


We'd love to talk running with you.