Adidas Adizero PRIME X 2 S- Mens



This shoe is so cushioned .... it's illegal!!! 

For World Athletics compliance, the foam under the heel must not exceed 40mm in height & use one stiffening element to increase the rigidity of the midsole. The Prime X 2 Strung is equipped with 50mm of foam in the heel to dampen impact forces and uses two carbon infused plates to stiffen the midsole to maximize energy return.

All runners can use the Prime X 2 Strung. Perfecting your training - you can use these shoes for workouts to help lessen the strain on your legs, make long runs more comfortable and go further, or make your easy days even easier. Conquering your race day - while these shoes are non-race compliant for professional runners there are no footwear restrictions for non-elite racing. From your local 5k to your marathon PB, the Prime X 2 Strung has got your back.

Color - Green Spark / Aurora Met. / Lucid Lemon


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