Fixx Fuel X PRO 840g


FIXX Nutrition all-in-one natural drink mix Fuel X Pro

Fuel X PRO Endurance Fuel contains the same as Fuel X
PLUS premium AMINO ACIDS Leucine & Alanine for improved PERFORMANCE and ENDURANCE.

Fuel X Endurance Fuel drink-mix contains everything athletes need to stay ENERGISED, HYDRATED, and
REPLENISHED during training and racing PLUS the option of amino acids to aid your PERFORMANCE!
Getting nutrition right for endurance events can be tricky!
Fuel X takes all the trickiness away so athletes can focus on enjoying their event & getting the result they want.

Electrolytes AND Energy. EASY!
Easily and quickly absorbed with minimal effect on the digestive system.
The 6 flavours have been specifically designed to have a mild taste with no sweeteners to avoid flavour fatigue.
Simply mix with water and sip during training and racing to hydrate and replenish the body of the nutrients lost through sweat. PLUS ... provide important carbohydrates for energy!

840g Bulk Bag
30 Scoops

100 Calories per Scoop



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