PTP Swap Foot Roller


The SWAP Foot Roller has been designed to address different areas of the foot sole. Patent-pending design combining a strong core with a soft non-slip texture provides a deep tissue massage and a strong grip, that allows you to sustain pressure on trigger points and roll away with ease and control. Easy to interchange, each skin provides a different kind of massage and sensation.

Foot discomfort can arise from having flat feet or high arches, being overweight, running, spending long periods of time standing, or simply wearing shoes that don’t fit well. Using Self-Myofascial Release ( SMR ) and your own body weight, the Foot Roller can help you to massage your feet in a relaxing manner. It may help to alleviate painful conditions like plantar fasciitis.  


  • Includes 3 interchangeable skins for varied stimulation
  • Ideal for self-massaging tired feet
  • A mesh travel bag included
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight


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