STEIGEN Runners Paradise PRO Race Singlet - Mens


PRO Singlet is possibly the lightest singlet in the world. Weighing in at just 39 grams (size M), it’s designed to feel like you’re not wearing a singlet at all. Perfect for race day. 

The PRO is an anti-dry singlet that keeps moisture on the skin where it can cool the body! The PRO fabric allows air flow through the singlet whilst simultaneously preventing sweat from being drawn off the body. With the specially designed lazer-cut holes that are featured on both sides of the singlet, airflow will be maximised and will keep you cool!

Additionally, the PRO has totally glued seams resulting in a super, smooth flat finish. The craftsmanship of this garment is second to none.

We believe the PRO will change the way you look at singlets and will not disappoint!


Lightweight (39 grams size M)
Lazer-cut holes
Glued seams
Anti-dry fabric
Non-restrictive design

(Some runners have gone up a size.)



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